In the engineering world, selecting the right connector and back shell is a key part of the cable assembly that can make or break a design project. Cablescan, as a cable assembly manufacturer see long lead times on connectors and back shells specified on customer BOM’s. 
It's important to get the right connector for your needs, and the D38999 Series III Integral Back Shell connector is a great choice for many applications. Let's explore some of the advantages this type of connector provides. 
The D38999 Series III Integral Back Shell connector offers a wide variety of benefits, starting with a simplified harness design. Instead of having to use multiple parts to complete your cable assembly, you can now use just one connector. This simplifies the process and reduces the number of steps needed when designing and constructing your harnesses.  
Another advantage this connector can provide is weight saving. By eliminating parts from your cable assemblies, you'll be able to reduce the overall weight of your design significantly. This can be especially beneficial if you're working on projects that require lightweight components, such as aerospace applications or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 
Finally, this connector range can also help reduce costs and lead times when compared to other types of connectors. Because they require fewer parts than traditional connector and back shell assemblies, they can be manufactured more quickly which reduces lead times significantly. Additionally, by eliminating extra materials from your design process you will be able to save money on both materials and labour costs. 
All in all, the D38999 Series III Integral Back Shell Connector range offers engineers many advantages over traditional connectors such as reduced cost, reduced lead times, reduced bill off materials, simplified harness design and weight saving capabilities. If you're looking for a reliable connector for your next cable assembly that offers these kinds of benefits, then look no further than the D38999 Series III Integral Back Shell Connector! 
Cablescan can also assist in the design of your cable assembly, selecting materials that minimise lead times and reduce costs. Our trusted production process and quality system enable us to deliver a cost-effective solution. We have only spoken about one type of connector in this blog, this is one of many new connectors being introduced by Amphenol. So if you require high altitude, high current connectors, quick release connectors or micro styles then please get in touch. 
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